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    You will soon experience the transition from Homo Sapiens to FOMO Sapiens. As a FOMO Sapiens, your quality of life will increase in ways you could never imagine. As your host, we will do our very best to make your life easy and comfortable. Welcome!


    Breaking news:


    This week researchers released a paper on FOMO and the scientific report states: "After entering FOMO, people became happy and energized. Their friends even started to invite themselves to their office in the middle of the day! Some reported seeing employees sharing lunch with people from other companies, and one lady even gave her colleague a big hug and said she was proud working with her." As with most reports, the end note states that more research is necessary to reach a conclusion...


    For more news about life at FOMO:

    Instagram pictures and design

    Facebook events and news of common interest

    LinkedIn business updates and news about companies at FOMO





  • WIFI and Internet

    Wifi connection is free for everyone. If you need to establish a secure cable connection, VPN, servers etc. please contact Support.


    Be sure to turn off the automatic translation of the page if you have it on, or else the password will not show up correctly for you.


    IMPORTANT: do not share the member/internal WiFi with guests!


    WiFi internal:

    SSID: Fomo member / Renewhub member


    WiFi guest:

    SSID: Fomo guest / Renewhub guest


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    Parking and charging


    Parking regulations:

    • Parking in front of the building is reserved for visitors
    • Employee parking is on the vest front of the building
    • Cars must be parked with "ass in" to prevent collisions
    • Electric car charging is next to building C
    • Please note: parking in the electric car areas is not permitted unless the car is being charged


    Onepark / Autopay

    Fomo has Autopay as a parking system. Cameras read your registration number upon arrival and departure, and parking ends automatically.
    There are various payment solutions which you can read about here: https://onepark.no/parkering/rogaland/grenseveien-21/
    New employees at Fomo will receive a link from Autopay to register their vehicles and do not need to pay for parking once registered.
    It is 2 hours of free parking for guests.
    IMPORTANT: all inquiries except registration link for new employees must be directed to Onepark.
    You can find answers to many questions on the "help" section of your Autopay account.
    Contact Onepark
    Questions regarding parking/passing:
    Email: kundeservice@onepark.no
    Telephone: 22 84 92 00
    Questions regarding payment:
    Email: onepark.no@riverty.com
    Telephone: 22 87 89 10


    How to use charging stations at FOMO


    How to charge and pay
    1. Scan the QR code on the charger or visit www.plugpay.no

    2. Plug the charger into your car and follow the instructions

    3. Pay with credit card or Vipps



    Alternatively, for regular users, companies, etc.:

    1. Create an account at www.plugpay.no

    2. Connect your RFID tag or order one

    3. Use the RFID tag to charge

    4. You will receive an invoice from PlugPay


    What does it cost?


    Information will be given when entering the number on the charger.


    IMPORTANT: all support, invoice and other inquiries must be directed to PlugPay directly!


    Good luck charging!

  • House Rules

    If you are a new member, please read through the house rules and adapt to the professional community.


    The most important thing to know: help us keep the space fresh and clean. Please remove dishes, cups, trash etc after using meeting rooms or other common areas.

    Thank you.


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    FOMO Print

    We use a print system from Xerox Workstation.


    This gives you the freedom to send print either directly to any printer from your computer, email or phone. When the print is delivered, you access any printer with your key, private PIN or login information, and retrieve the prints that you need. Simple and easy :)

    Follow the descriptions below to add printer, manage your account and print from any device.


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    Book meeting rooms

    The meeting rooms in the coworking can be booked through Yarooms online or on the screen in front of the room.


    Registration is automated once you enter the booking site. Just add your name and email, and you are up and running.


    After registration, you can download and use the Yarooms app to book meeting rooms on the fly!


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    Yarooms app, mobile booking

    Download Yarooms for mobile to book meetings quickly from your phone. To enable mobile booking, follow these steps:



    1. Download Yarooms Mobile app
    2. Log in to Yarooms web app
    3. Go to "Integrations"
    4. Scroll down to "Yarooms Mobile" and press "Configure"
    5. Click "Generate QR code"
    6. Open the Yarooms mobile app
    7. Scan the QR code
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    Members portal & automated onboarding assistant


    MyFOMO helps new members onboard FOMO as smoothly as possible.


    After signing a lessee contract with FOMO Works, you will receive onboarding information from Wild Bill. Please check your spam if you have not heard from us. Follow his instructions carefully.


    For company superuser/representative only!


    Our onboarding is automated through my.fomo.no


    At my.fomo.no you can:

    • Add/remove employees
    • Administrate key access
    • Check your lessee contract
    • Check your current payment plan
    • Post tickets




  • Support

    What can we help you with?


    Let us help you get the most out of your membership at FOMO.

    Send our support team a ticket on MyFOMO, and we will help you as fast as lightning strikes.



    We have a lot of cool stuff going on. Here are some of the things you can purchase for yourself and your company.

    FOMO Fitness

    Lunch deal

    Storage facility

    Real Escape Game

    FOMO Health

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    Lunch offers, food and beverages

    Questions regarding lunch agreement?


    Our own lunch and beverages company, Funky Fomo AS, is here to provide you with fomolicious food experiences, drinks and meeting room for larger audiences.


    Interested in a canteen agreement for your company so your employees can enjoy a hot meal every day? Check out our in-house lunch deal.


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    If your company has a postal address in Grenseveien 21, 4313 Sandnes, you must rent a mailbox!


    Here is how to claim a mailbox and get set up:

    1. Go to myFOMO and post a ticket!
    2. Wait for confirmation.
    3. Change your company's postal address (not the same as company address) in Brønnøysundregistrene.
    4. DO NOT list Fomo Works as a part of the postal address.
    5. Buy a sign with your company name if the mailbox type requires it (there are two different mailbox types).

      This can be done at Posten by clicking here!


    The current price is NOK 120,- / month.


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    Conferance rooms in FOMO Avenué

    The larger conference rooms at FOMO can be booked through the button below and will be billed according to our standard rates. Members of the coworking will receive a discount.

    Rooms available for booking:


    Kingsman - max 16 people

    Wild Bill's - max 8 people

    Library - max 50 people

    Madame Chocolat - max 16 people


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    FOMO Fitness



    FOMO Fitness center provides you with a 400 sq.m. exclusive fitness center, including free weights, cardio equipment, yoga hall, wardrobes and sauna.


    Group sessions every week!


    Every week we offer group sessions of high quality designed to inspire and motivate. Our group sessions have varied content and suits most people’s needs, training level and interests. Our instructors guide you through different classes, everything from stretching to high-intensity circuits and strength sessions.

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    Lappetorsdag / waffle Thursday

    Every other Thursday between 13:00 - 14:00 you're invited to the kitchen in C2 for some traditional Norwegian "lapper".

    This is an excellent opportunity to meet your fellow FOMO Sapiens and network.


    These are the dates:

    April: 4th & 18th

    May: 16th & 30t

    June: 13th


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    Storage facility

    You can rent a storage unit for 2400,- per month.

    Each room is roughly 30 m3 measuring 4,0 x 2,4 x 3,0 m (LWH).


    Click on the button below and create a ticket on MyFOMO and order storage.

  • Escape Room

    Real Escape Game offers Escape Room experiences in FOMO (A0).

    As a FOMO resident, you get a discounted price when you book an Escape Room experience in FOMO. 

    Just contact post@realescapegame.no, and they will take care of the rest!

    Do you have what it takes to escape? If YES, click here to find more information:


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